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  • Global music distribution to 100+ services
  • Reach 500 million music users
  • Free iTunes pre-orders
  • Keep 100% of your copyright
  • Free barcodes and ISRC codes
  • Professional support team
  • Free delivery to new stores
  • Free pre-saves and release day smart URLs
  • Royalty Payments direct to your bank account

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We work with more than 100 music stores and streaming services across the world to assist with getting your music on the web.

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Music2DNA artists get elite access to a huge range of superfluous services.
A one-stop-shop for independent musicians, Music2DNA has all the convenient tools you need to create your music.

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Easy Split Payments

Inevitably assign a percentage of your song royalties to your musical collaborators - eg. band members, songwriters, producers, managers or more. Our detailed royalties dashboard keeps track of every cent.